Due to Covid-19

the 2021 Festival has been cancelled

It is our hope to reinstate the Festival beginning in 2022.

Please check back here for updates.

Next Festival Date:
January 2022

Gustavus Adolphus College

Schaffer Fine Arts Music Building

St. Peter, Minnesota


The Scherzo Society is a group of music teachers who are dedicated to providing a non-competitive judging event for their students and sponsor the annual Scherzo Music Festival. 

This Festival allows students of all ages and at all levels of musical development to prepare music and perform it for a qualified judge.  Participants receive written comments, a performance rating, a certificate, and will accumulate points toward earning gold cups (see below).  

The Festival is open to students who study piano, organ, voice, guitar, or any orchestral or band instrument.

All Teachers of Music are Welcome!

We welcome new teachers into our group, and encourage everyone already entering students to extend an invitation to other teachers!

When and Where is the Festival?

The Scherzo Music Festival is held in the Schaffer Fine Arts Music Building on the campus of Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN.  The next Festival date is January/February of 2022.  Every student will be assigned a specific performance time between approximately 8am and 4pm.  Participating teachers & students are encouraged to listen to other students perform throughout the day.

The Festival is one day only, and there will be no make-up day for those unable to perform on February 2nd.  All student application fees are non-refundable.

Achievement Awards

At the Festival, students will perform two solo pieces for a qualified judge. Students do not compete against one another.  Participants will receive written comments from the judge and a rating that is based on the performance of both pieces played.  Each student will also receive a Certificate of Achievement.

The ratings are:

    •                       Superior                                              5 points
    •                       Excellent                                             4 points
    •                       Satisfactory                                        3 points
    •                       Fair                                                      2 points

Points accumulate from year to year.  When a student reaches these levels, in each event entered they will receive:

    •                       15 points                                           small engraved gold cup
    •                       30 points                                           medium engraved gold cup
    •                       45 points                                           large engraved gold cup
    •                       each subsequent 15 points             the next larger gold cup

What level of student may enter the Festival?

Students at ALL levels of musicianship may enter the Festival.  Repertoire for the Pre-Primary level (piano) is typically in 5 finger position with only a few notes in each hand.  Whereas, Musically Advanced II level (piano) is college level (or higher) material. There is a wide range of levels from which to choose, no matter what instrument you play.  And remember, students do not compete against one another, but rather perform to the best of their ability and receive a rating based solely on their own performance.

See "Repertoire Requirements" tab above to learn more about choosing levels and repertoire for students.

Other information about choosing Levels

  • A student need not receive a Superior rating to move to a higher level the next year.  In fact, you may skip as many levels as desired.  However, moving backward in levels is not allowed.
  • Receiving a Superior rating does not require the student to move to a higher level the next year.  If remaining in the same level, different required and choice repertoire must be chosen.