July 2021

After decades of providing this festival as a performance opportunity for music students of all ages, the Scherzo committee has reluctantly decided to discontinue the Scherzo Music Festival.

This event has been held in Mankato for nearly 50 years.  The festival began life as the Junior Festival, part of the National Federation of Music Clubs, which was founded in 1898.  Our local Junior Festival was organized and run by the Mankato Music Club (1917-2007) which was a local chapter of the National Federation.  After the dissolution of the Mankato Music Club in 2007, the dedicated piano teachers of the area pulled together to continue this wonderful Festival for their students for another 13 years on their own, and without the assistance of the Federation.  It was at this time that the name was changed to the Scherzo Music Festival.

We wish to thank every teacher, every student, every parent, and the entire community for your support of quality music and committed music training.  Thank You!

Muriel Penne - founder of the Junior Festival in Mankato

She was also the State President of the Federation in the 1980s.

This picture dates from 1980 at a Federation convention.

Final meeting of the Mankato Music Club

March 2007 - held at Good Counsel Convent

Meeting of the Mankato Music Club 2006.  Dr. John McKay, pianist, provided the program.

Meeting of the Mankato Music Club, 2003.


The Scherzo Society is a group of music teachers who are dedicated to providing a non-competitive judging event for their students and sponsor the annual Scherzo Music Festival. 

This Festival allows students of all ages and at all levels of musical development to prepare music and perform it for a qualified judge.  Participants receive written comments, a performance rating, a certificate, and will accumulate points toward earning gold cups.  

The Festival is open to students who study piano, organ, voice, guitar, or any orchestral or band instrument.