How to become part of the Scherzo Music Festival

STEP ONE: Deadline is November 15, 2019

Each teacher entering students in the Festival must pay annual teacher dues of $30.

Fill out the Teacher Registration Form under the "Forms" tab above   -   Mailing instructions are on the form.

It's important for us to have the information on the Teacher Registration Form so we know what judges to procure and about how many students to plan for at the Festival.

Choose repertoire for your students.  Remember, all solo repertoire must be performed from memory, so get your students started right away.  See "Repertoire Requirements" tab above.

STEP THREE:  Deadline is December 6, 2019
Send in Student Fees, the Student Fees Form and Student Application Forms

Send fees and applications for all your students at one time, together.

You will need to fill out a Student Application Form for each event every student enters. See “Forms” tab above.

-  Student Application and Fee deadline is December 6, 2019
-  The student participation fee is $30/per student for EACH event entered

   *   Send in the Student Fees Form along with the completed Student Application Forms and payment
   *   Teachers: try to send all of your student fees in a single check.  Make check payable to The Scherzo Society

   *   All student fees are non-refundable

   *   Mailing instructions are on the Student Fees Form